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Healthy Banana Nut Recipe Kids Can Make

Teaching kids to cook in the kitchen can be a fun adventure, but where do you start?  Are you looking for healthy recipes for kids to make? If so you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m sharing with you a recipe that is not only an extremely healthy recipe, but a very easy recipe that even the younger children should be able to do all by themselves (at least mostly).Easy and healthy recipe kids can make: a banana nut snack or breakfast. Add nutrition class by teaching kids the health benefits of bananas. Teaching kids to cook in the kitchen.

Ingredients & Kitchen Tools Needed

Ingredients your kids will need:

  • a banana(s)
  • sesame seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • walnuts
  • maple syrup

Kitchen tools needed:

  • a plate or another cutting surface
  • a butter knife (to slice the bananas)
  • 2 regular sized bowls
  • 2 or 3 Tablespoons
  • small blender (In our house we use a “Magic Bullet” blender as I feel it’s safe for my 6 year old to use by herself.)

Here’s a few second clip of my 6 year old using the small blender completely independently while making this dish.


  1. Slice banana with butter knife, and put in a bowl
  2. Using a Tablespoon ask your child to scoop some sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts to spill into small blender.  Approximately a Tablespoon of each per banana, but use your judgement.
  3. Have them grind the nuts and seeds with a blender, till it’s powdery.
  4. Pour the nut/seed powder over the bananas, and carefully mix so that the nut/seed powder coats the banana slice.
  5. With another Tablespoon have them scoop the coated banana slices into another clean bowl.
  6. Pour maple syrup over nut covered bananas.
  7. Eat and enjoy 🙂

I don’t personally let my daughter pour the maple syrup jar as I don’t want to risk it spilling or her pouring way too much.  But as she enjoys the idea that she makes this dish completely by herself, I tell her she can use a clean Tablespoon to dip in the maple syrup jar and pour the maple syrup from that.

This dish can make a healthy snack kids will enjoy, or it would make a great breakfast.  My daughter often asks me if she can make this as she enjoys the idea that she can prepare food in the kitchen all by herself.  And actually she has made this by herself for both of us for many a breakfast – a great help for me!

Teaching Nutrition to Kids

Teaching my daughter nutrition and healthy eating is important to me.  Besides the lifelong benefits, in the short term, she is much more likely to not give me a hard time about eating healthy if:

  1. she made (or grew) the food herself
  2. she knows how eating the food benefits her body (the health benefits)

I asked a natural health practitioner with 37+ years if she could explain the health benefits of bananas in a kid-friendly way.

This is her answer:

Everyone knows bananas are good for potassium.  But what does potassium do?

It makes it so you can contract your muscles.  If this did not happen, when you reached for something your arm would not go back to where it was.

It’s for your heart and blood pressure.  This means when your head feels full and your face is red, when you’re playing too hard and you’re over hot, the potassium will bring this all back to normal.

It helps you digest protein and carbohydrates (bread, rice, cookies, etc.)

It makes your kidney’s function right – so it balances the liquids in your body.

It heals nerves, so you won’t be so frazzled, or whinny (feeling like crying all the time).

It balances the alkaline / acid in your body, so you won’t become a pillar of salt, or your muscles won’t hurt when you run or do the splits.  When muscles have too much acid, they are hard and not very flexible, so you become stiff like a doll.