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R Controlled Vowels AR & UR

The theme of week 16 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words list is: R Controlled Vowels: AR & UR.

There’s a printable word search to go along with this week.

Spelling Words of the Week

Here are the spelling words for this week:

AR Words

  1. jar
  2. march
  3. park
  4. sharp

UR Words

  1. burn
  2. curl
  3. hurt
  4. purse
  5. turn
  6. urban

Review Words

Here are the optional review words, or words previously learned, that you can include as a review in this weeks spelling as you see fit:

Grade 1 Review Words

AR Word List

If you want some additional AR words to work with, here are 26 future AR spelling words:

  1. alarm
  2. arm
  3. army
  4. art
  5. bark
  6. barn
  7. car
  8. card
  9. chart
  10. collar
  11. large
  12. argue
  13. dark
  14. dollar
  15. far
  16. farm
  17. garden
  18. hard
  19. mark
  20. marker
  21. pardon
  22. party
  23. scar
  24. star
  25. start
  26. yard

UR Word List

Here are 16 more UR words:

  1. burger
  2. burp
  3. curb
  4. curl
  5. curve
  6. during
  7. fur
  8. hurry
  9. jury
  10. lurk
  11. nurse
  12. purple
  13. purse
  14. return
  15. slurp
  16. turtle

AR & UR Activity

Here’s a fun 2nd grade spelling activity to go along with the spelling words of the week. It’s a free printable bossy R word search puzzle. It includes all the spelling words of the week along with some other AR and UR bossy R words.

Upcoming Week

The theme for next weeks spelling words is “Disney Movies“.

Here’s the master list of these grade 2 spelling words where you can download a .pdf of all 36 weeks.

If you’re looking for more 2nd grade R controlled vowels spelling words, week 2 has spelling words for ER, IR & OR. It also has a word search.