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17 Spring Books for Kids

Spring is almost here and there are so many great children’s books that can help kids learn about this wonderful season!

Here are some of our favourite spring books for kids:

16 of our favourite children's books about Spring.

#1 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

A classic, about a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.  Ideal for Kindergarten or younger.  The images are bright and colourful and very captivating.

Learning activities from this book are endless.  Learning the days of the week or about caterpillars turning into butterflies are a given for this book.  

You could also throw in some sight word practice with these colourful downloadable word puzzles or with this sight word game from Playdough to Plato.  

Or if crafts are on the day’s menu, then try one of these fun crafts.

#2 – Rabbit’s Spring Adventure

by Anita Loughrey and Daniel Howarth

I have read this to my daughter many times.  Rabbit goes on an adventure to discover what spring is and ends up getting lost.

There are several activity ideas and spring learning on the last few pages of the book.

#3 – Spring Is Here (A Bear and Mole Story)

by Will Hillenbrand

An entertaining picture book ideal for ages 3-6.

Mole tries so hard to wake up his friend Bear, but no matter how hard he tries he just can’t wake him up.  In the end Mole is so exhausted he falls asleep before Bear wakes up and announces that “Spring Is Here”!

This book would be a great way to introduce learning about hibernation.

#4 – Finding Spring

by Carin Berger

If you can find it at your local library, another good spring book that deals with hibernation is Finding Spring.

It’s about a baby bear cub that instead of hibernating in the winter like his mother, leaves his cozy den in search of spring.

#5 – Make Way For Duckling

by Robert Mccluskey

Another classic and a Caldecott medal winner in 1942.

The story is of 2 adult ducks (Mr. and Mrs. Mallard) searching for a place that’s safe enough to raise their 8 little ducklings.

For some learning ideas see Make Way For Ducklings – Lesson Ideas.

#6 – Diary of a Worm

by Doreen Cronin

Ideal for ages 4-8 but I think readers of all ages will enjoy its humour.

One of my favourite books, this story had my 5 year old (and myself) laughing hysterically. If you haven’t heard of this book, you probably should check this one out.

 #7 – Diary of a Spider

by Doreen Cronin

Same thing for the Diary of a Spider.  Both books are a great way to introduce worm and spider learning.

#8 – 999 Frogs Wake Up

by Ken Kimora

A humorous book about 999 frogs that try to wake up all the other animals for spring.

#9 – Would You Rather Be A Pollywog? All About Pond Life (Cat in the Hat)

Another entertaining book that has quite a bit about the frog life-cycle.  It’s a great way for kids to learn about the animals and plants that make their home in ponds or lakes.

Like most Cat in the Hat books there’s a lot of information packed into the book.  So while some preschoolers might enjoy them, I think they’ll be better understood by school aged children.  

My 5 year old enjoys the stories and learns a lot from them.  But I know we’ll be reading them again and again over the next few years and I’m sure she’ll absorb something new every time.

#10 – Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants (Cat in the Hat)

A great book to read for spring that teaches kids about plant life cycles, photo synthesis, pollination and more.

#11 – If You Plant A Seed

by Kadir Nelson

A book with beautiful images that teaches a great moral lesson.  A fuzzy brown rabbit and a little mouse get more than the fruits and vegetables they planted.

#12 – When Spring Comes

by Kevin Henkes

A book to read at the end of winter when spring can’t seem to come fast enough!

#13 – Everything Spring

by Jill Esbaum

A photo book that is a beautiful way to introduce spring.

#14 – Lost in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

I really enjoyed the photography in this book about a little fawn without his mother.  

The other forest animals are trying to help a little deer they think is lost.  

There’s a good story to the book but it’s also educational and teaches kids some valuable information about deers and why the fawns might be alone.

#15 – Fancy Nancy: Spring Fashion Fling

by Jane O’Connor

Just for the enjoyment of reading. A fun book for girls!

My daughter is all about getting dressed up and fashion so she was entertained by this book.

#16 – Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

by Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher the fox was so excited for spring until he noticed something unexpected: snow!  

Worried about what this means for the other animals, Fletcher sounds the alarm.  

A cute springtime story!

#17 – Dr. Seuss’s Spring Things

by Dr. Seuss

Babies and toddlers will love this cute rhyming spring book.

And there you have it, 17 of our favourite children’s books about spring!  

What spring time books are your child’s favourites?

kayla mutter

Thursday 8th of February 2018

I like the spring time books they are cool!

Mother of 3

Saturday 19th of March 2016

What a great list. We love Diary of a Spider and Diary of a Worm as well as Make Way for Duckling.

Beth @ Pages and Margins

Tuesday 15th of March 2016

What a great list! We especially love "Lost in the Woods" around here -- beautiful photography!

Jaime Wiebel

Monday 14th of March 2016

Some we have read and some great new ones. Thank you for sharing this list and the resources. Have a great week! Your neighbor at What Joy Is Mine.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Thanks for sharing this list. I'm having my grandchildren visit for Spring break and some of these books sound charming.