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Easy Bird Crossword

Engage 2nd graders with this fun and easy bird crossword puzzle.

The free printable crossword puzzle is a fun way for children to learn about birds and build their vocabulary.

All 10 bird-themed 2nd-grade spelling words are included in the puzzle, making this also a great second grade spelling worksheet.

Printable easy bird crossword puzzle for kids around 2nd grade. The black and white grade 2 word puzzle has 17 clues to solve, 4 of them are picture clues. The images of an owl, a swan, a crow, a birdhouse, and a mother bird feeding her baby birds in a nest decorate the puzzle.

Skill Level

This is an easy crossword puzzle. It’s ideal for students in 2nd grade or around ages 7 or 8.

The puzzle has 17 clues to solve, with 4 being picture clues. The puzzle’s words are primarily 2nd grade spelling words, with a few 1st grade words.

Printable Easy Bird Crossword

The bird crossword can be downloaded for free below. The printable puzzle comes with an answer page.

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Parents, do you need to help your child with their homework? To make things easier for you, here are the answers to the puzzle:

A 2nd grade bird crossword puzzle answer key. The answers to the words going down are flap, eggs, birds, swan, robin, owl, birdhouse, seeds, crow, beak, and fly. The words across are yellow, wings, worms, bill, song, tree, finch, sky, duck, and nest.

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