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Toolbox Card Craft for Dad

Here’s a free printable card kids can make for their dad.

The toolbox card will have kids writing, coloring, cutting, and pasting to create their one-of-a-kind personalized card that their father will surely treasure.

Printable card craft for dad. It includes the template for the paper toolbox and each of the 10 tools. Kids will write about their dad on each tool, and insert the tools into their Dad's handmade toolbox card.

Writing Activity

It begins as a writing activity. Each tool has a writing prompt that kids will need to finish:

  1. My dad is the best dad because
  2. My dad is so
  3. Something I like to do with dad
  4. My dad is really good at
  5. Dad makes me laugh when
  6. My dad taught me
  7. My dad says
  8. Dad’s favorite foods are
  9. My favorite memory with my dad
  10. Reasons why I love my dad

Tools Coloring Pages

Next, kids will grab their crayons and coloring supplies to color the toolbox and its tools.

The coloring pages have 10 different tools:

  1. a saw
  2. ax
  3. hammer
  4. mallet
  5. pliers
  6. cordless drill
  7. screwdriver
  8. scraper
  9. paintbrush
  10. paint roller

Cut and Paste Craft

At this point, it turns into a cut-and-paste craft. Kids will cut out the toolbox template and each of the tools.

Then they can have fun assembling the papercraft. There are instructions showing kids where and how to glue the toolbox together. The only thing left is to put each of the 10 tools in their toolbox card.

Printable Card for Dad

The toolbox template PDF can be downloaded for free. Grab your copy below.

Your kids will be able to make a beautiful card for their father.