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Fall Owl Craft

Here’s a cute fall owl craft for kids to make.

The owl cut and paste craft is a fun autumn activity for kids of all ages. All you need is the free printable below and art supplies you probably already have on hand.

The end result will be an adorable arts and crafts project of a barn owl perched on the branch of an oak tree.

Easy fall owl craft for kids. A paper owl cut-and-paste craft. The end result is a barn owl perched on the branch of an oak tree that has oak leaves pasted on it.
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How to Make This Fall Owl Craft

Grab your arts and crafts supplies and follow the steps below to make this easy fall owl craft.

Supplies Needed to Make Fall Owl Craft

Supplies needed for fall owl cut and paste craft for kids. Materials include markers, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and 3 printable pages: a leaf coloring page, a tree and nature background coloring page and an owl cut and paste coloring page.
This is what we used for this kid’s owl craft.

Printable Owl Craft

You can print out the paper owl craft below.

The PDF has 3 pages and is free to download and print.

Directions for Owl Cut and Paste Craft

The adorable paper owl craft can be made in 6 easy steps.

Step 1 – Coloring

The first step is to color.

The first step in this fall owl craft for kids is to color. There are 3 coloring pages that need to be colored. There's a page with an owl's body and wing, a page of leaves, and a background page.
Color the owl, leaves & background.

The owl, its wing, part of a tree, a background, and 11 oak leaves need to be colored

You can choose whether you want to color with crayons, pencil crayons, or markers.

Step 2 – Cutting

After everything is colored, use scissors to cut out the owl, its wing, and the leaves.

A child using scissors to cut out a picture of an owl that they had colored. This is a step in a kid's fall owl craft.
Cut out the owl, its wing, and each of the leaves.

Step 3 – Wing

Glue the wing to the owl’s body using a glue stick.

Gluing a wing to a paper owl. First, use a gluestick to add glue to a marked round spot on the owl's body. Then glue the wing into place.
Glue wing onto the owl.

There is a spot on the owl’s body that shows where to add glue. After applying glue, place the wing on the owl’s body and press down firmly to stick.

Step 4 – Optional

This next step is not completely necessary but a good idea.

Figure out where on the branch you wish to place the owl. Then look to see what part of the branch and page the owl’s body covers.

It’s helpful to have this in mind when you’re doing the next step.

Step 5 – Oak Leaves

Decorate the oak tree, including its branch, with the 11 oak leaves you have colored and cut out.

Then glue them into place.

A fall owl craft for kids. In this step, a child is gluing colorful paper oak leaves to a tree coloring page.
Glue the oak leaves on the tree.

Step 6 – Owl

The last step is to glue the owl to the picture. You want the owl’s feet to be on the branch.

A person is using a glue stick to glue the back of the paper owl. Then they are pasting the owl in place so that it's standing on the branch of the oak tree.
Glue the owl in place.

And there you have it! An adorable fall owl craft.

Unique Handmade Card Idea

Here’s an idea to repurpose your child’s finished owl craft. The paper craft can be used to easily make a unique one-of-a-kind handmade card that your child can give to a person they choose.

Simply glue the back of the paper craft and paste it onto a folded cardstock, in a color of their choice.

They can choose to have the folded card be more of a square shape or have a taller card where they can write text of their choice at the top.

Then they can write inside their card and give it to the person of their choice.

As an option, they can cut a folded white paper to size (a little smaller than the card itself). Afterward, they can write a message on the inside of the paper and then paste it inside the card.

It will be an adorable, unique, handmade card that the recipient is sure to love!

Fall Paper Owl Craft

Fall Paper Owl Craft

Easy fall owl craft for kids. A paper owl cut-and-paste craft. The end result is a barn owl perched on the branch of an oak tree that has oak leaves pasted on it.

Kids of all ages will love this adorable paper owl craft. It's a fun and easy activity and craft for kids to make in the autumn season.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes


  • coloring supplies: crayons, pencil crayons, or markers
  • glue stick
  • free printable printout on 3 pages of 8 1/2" X 11" white printer paper


  • scissors
  • printer


  1. Color the owl, its wing, the background with a tree, and the 11 oak leaves.
  2. Use scissors to cut out all the elements: the background, owl, wing, and 11 leaves.
  3. Use the gluestick, and add glue to the spot indicated on the owl. Lay the owl's wing into place and press down firmly to attach.
  4. Place the owl in the spot you wish it to be, but do not glue. Observe which area of the background the owl covers. This will be handy to keep in mind. Put the owl aside for now.
  5. Glue the oak leaves on the tree and its branch. Keep in mind which area the owl will later cover. You might choose to have some leaves sticking out from the owl, but you wouldn't want to glue leaves in places that the owl would later completely cover.
  6. Glue the owl into place. Its feet should look like it's perched on the branch.

More Fun Owl Activities for Kids

How did your fall owl craft turn out? Did you use crayons, pencil crayons or markers? Let me know in the comments.

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