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Teaching Your Preschooler Math

Teaching your preschooler math can be a lot of fun.  As a math loving homeschooling parent, here are 4 of my personal recommendations:

  1. Teach your child that math is in so much we do.  

    Math is not something we sit down and do for “school”, math is all around us and can help us with so many things we do.
  2. Find ways to incorporate bringing out the math in things you do everyday.

    For example, playing Legos together, there are so many opportunities to incorporate math. You need to sort Lego’s by color, by shape, by size (i.e. 1 piece, 8 piece), etc. You need to count the pieces you need if you’re following Lego instructions. And not just counting, but adding and subtracting: I have 3 pieces, we need 2 more to make 5. You can even use Lego’s to learn about money.
  3. For teaching preschoolers math on the computer you can read one of my suggestions here.
  4. I have created a whole series of free printable math worksheets for preschoolers that your preschooler might just enjoy. 🙂

When I was in school there were so many kids that did not like math.  I often heard kids say “I’m never going to use this in real life so why should I learn it.”

So if you can develop a love for math in your child and help them to realize how much math can help in their life, you’ve already accomplished something huge, and set them up for a life of wanting to learn this subject.