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Apple Themed Spelling Words

Week 10 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words list contains apple themed spelling words.

Here are the apple themed words for 2nd grade:


  1. apple
  2. cider
  3. core
  4. peel
  5. pick
  6. pie
  7. seeds
  8. stem
  9. tree
  10. worm

Review Words

Here are the optional review words, or apple themed spelling words previously learned. You can include as a review in this weeks spelling if you so wish.

For example, if you wanted to use sentence based dictation, you might wish to include some previously learned words in your sentences.

Or if you wish your child to write a paragraph or so about apples, reviewing the previously learned words would remind them of words they have already learned to spell that they may wish to use in their writing.

Grade 1 Review Words

Grade 2 Review Words

Optional Apple Themed Spelling Activities

Here are some optional apple crossword puzzles, word searches, printable games and other apple activities that have a spelling focus. They use a variety of apple words (not an exact match to our list) but still could be a fun addition to this weeks theme:

Next week’s theme is _ILD, _OLT, _OLD & UST words.

Master list of these second grade spelling words where you can download a .pdf of all 36 weeks.

Hard C Soft C Words