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Educational Toys for 5-6 Year Olds

If you’re looking for educational toys for 6 year olds, I’ve got you covered.  Whether your kids love science, building things, arts & crafts, robots, coding, math or puzzles, here are some great toys for kids to learn while they play.

Educational Toys Gift Guide for Kindergarten & Grade 1 students (5 & 6 year olds).


Science Toys For Kids…

Beginner Electronic Discovery Kit

Kids will get to create working electronic circuits, learning the basics of how switches and circuits work.

Educational Toy for Kids: Snap Circuits Beginner

Microscope Set

Science Gift Ideas for 5-6 year olds: Microscope Set

Animal Tracks Game

Match the animals to their tracks while playing Concentration, Bingo, and guess the tracks games.

Educational Science Gift For 5-6 year olds: Animal Tracks Science Game

Crystal Mining Kit

Kids will get to unearth 8 crystals.

Great science gift for 5-6 year old: Crystal Mining Kit

Butterfly Garden

Option to get live caterpillars sent right away, or a voucher to redeem for live caterpillars once the weather is warmer.

Science Toy for Kindergarten aged kids: Butterfly Garden

Engineering Toys for Kids that Love to Build…

Klikko Vehicles

137 piece building set with 6 different vehicle options with activities to build math skills (multiplication, fractions, area, volume, and tangram logic puzzles)

Toys for Kids that like to build: Klikko with math and STEM activities.

LEGO Friends – Amusement Park Roller Coaster

LEGO – a classic – is always a sure winner!  This 1124 piece kit is the next LEGO kit my 6 year old is wishing for, even tho the age on the box for this set is 8+.

For more age appropriate gifts for 5 & 6 year old girls, I don’t think you could go wrong with most of the LEGO Friends kits.  My very girly daughter is quite into this line of LEGO.

LEGO Friends Amusement Park

Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

For kids that already have quite a bit of LEGO, this book will give them another 50 fun LEGO projects to do.  You should see some of the cool projects in here!

Brain Flakes

Engineering Toy: Brain Flakes

KEVA Structures – 200 Plank Set

The sky is the limit with what a child and their imagination can create with 200 wood planks.

engineering toy: wood building planks

For dads, here’s a gift guide for dads to buy their daughters.

Toys to introduce kids to robots and coding…

Dash Robot

Using a smart phone or tablet, kids will learn to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, react to their voice, and more.  Kids will have a lot of fun learning to code with this real robot.

Educational toy for 5-9 year olds to learning coding with a robot.

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Kids will build their own mazes and then program the mouse to get the cheese.

Code & Go Robot Mouse toy to introduce kids to coding.

Build Pet Robots

A motorized, reconfigurable robot toy with instructions for kids to build 7 different pet-themed creations that will move.

Educational toy to introduce kids to robots. Build 7 or more robot pets.

Do you want to see if your kids will enjoy coding before buying them a coding toy?  Here are 8 fun ways to teach kids coding for free or 4 more ways preschoolers can learn to code free.

Toys For Kids Who Love Art…

Crayola Art Case

Great gift idea for kids who love art: Crayola Art Case.

Window Sticker Art

Gift idea for kids that love art: Window Sticker Art.

Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

Comes with rainbow coloured yarn, and instructions for kids to make 4 wool projects, like a wool bag and a scarf.  They can also use the loom to make 3 different tapestries with included materials or they can design one of their own.

Great gift idea for kids who love arts & crafts: multi-craft weaving loom.


This is so cool!  If you have an apple iPad, and a child of pretty much any age, you’ll want to at least check out Osmo.  The art component is my favourite, but there are also spelling games, physics, coding, tangram puzzles, and math.  An educational toy where the digital world collides with the real world.

Great educational gift idea for kids 5+: fun way to do art, spelling, math, coding, and tangram puzzles.

If you have kids that are younger than Kindergarten or Grade 1 age, here’s a list of gifts for kids ages 3-6 or educational gift ideas for preschoolers.

Math & Logic Toys for Kids…

101 Puzzle Challenges

Gift idea for kids that love puzzles: 101 brain challenging puzzles.

Katamino Game

Wooden puzzle game with over 500 challenges.


Math Dice Game

Helps kids practice addition & subtraction up to 12.  With no elaborate set-up, it’s portable, and easy to pull out whenever there’s a few minutes to spare.

Math dice game - for practicing addition and subtraction up to 12.

Sums in Space 

An Addition & Subtraction Math Game for Kids.

Sums In Space - An Addition & Subtraction Game.