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Our Grade 2 Schedule

Are you preparing and planning your upcoming homeschooling year?  I recently finished preparing my daughter’s Grade 2 schedule.  Allow me to share with you the process I use when preparing her homeschooling schedule:

  1. First I had to research, choose and purchase my daughter’s Grade 2 curriculum.
  2. Then I had to determine which days we plan on homeschooling in the upcoming year.  I pretty much matched the amount of days a public student would do.  However, we will take our holidays when we decide to during the year so I will swap days around but this gives me a starting point.
  3. Then I created lesson plans for the core curriculum.  Our core subjects are french, math, and english.  I divided the curriculum evenly throughout the year, so I know where we have to be when.  This helps me get an idea of how much time I will need to budget to cover these subjects.  It also helps me see which subjects we will need to drop as we won’t have time to cover them and helps me change some of my initial decisions.
  4. Then it’s time to make the schedule.
  5. When deciding the schedule I have to first consider our outside learning (dance classes etc.) that already have a set time.  Because we have an event that takes place every other week, I had to create 2 weekly schedules to alternate.  At least it keeps things from getting dull.
  6. Then I try to make sure we cover our core subjects early on without spending too much time on a subject that my daughter get’s bored, keeping it moving.
  7. I like to help self-motivate my daughter to get her work done.  I have added a lot of spares which my daughter can use to finish her work for any subjects she needs to.  If she’s done the time is hers so hopefully that will motivate her to get her work done early.  I also still plan on figuring out some kind of reward system for further motivation and to keep things moving.  In any case, Friday afternoons will be a fun activity as a reward for the weeks work.You can see our schedule below:
Our Grade 2 homeschooling schedule. We have 2 weekly schedules that alternate weekly.
  1. I used Homeschool Planet to create my daughter’s lesson plans and assignments.  I print out her weekly plan so she can check things off as she completes them.

As a single homeschooling mom, I find a good schedule keeps both of our sanities and helps us get done what we need to.  It’s not totally rigid tho and there is flexibility.  For example if something fun comes up, I am open to shuffling things around to make time for it.   However my daughter knows she still must complete her work, so if she needs to work ahead of time or complete something on a Sunday afternoon then that’s what she needs to do.  Teaches her responsibility.

Lisa M @ Farm Fresh

Thursday 17th of August 2017

I can imagine a schedule is very beneficial in your situation! Thanks for sharing! I have a second grader this year as well. :)