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Letter G Sound Worksheets

Grab your child a copy of these free printable letter G sound worksheets.

The letter g alphabet worksheets are perfect for kindergarten or 1st grade students working on letter sound recognition.


  • a beginning sound coloring worksheet
  • a phonics worksheet where kids need to identify the syllable that has a hard /g/ sound

Letter G Beginning Sound Worksheet

Here is a fun letter G coloring page for kindergarten.

After sounding out each word, children can color all the objects that start with the letter g.

Young learners will only need some crayons to color the goat, game, gorilla, and guitar.

A free printable letter G beginning sound worksheet for kindergarten students. The letter G coloring page has 25 images. 15 items are letter G pictures for kids to color.

The coloring worksheet has 25 images of various objects. The initial sound of 15 of the items begin with a hard G sound.

Letter G Phonics Worksheet

Here’s another letter g printable to give kids some extra practice with the G sound.

A free printable letter g sound worksheet perfect for 1st grade students. There's 12 black and white images of items and kids need to sound each word out, and identify which syllables contain a hard G sound. Kids will mark an X in the box representing that syllable. Free downloadable pdf includes answer page.

In this letter g phonics worksheet kids need to identify the syllable in each word that contains a G sound.

For example: TI GER

The G sound is in the 2nd syllable. So kids will need to put an X in the 2nd box underneath the image of the tiger.

Children might find it helpful to lightly clap while saying each syllable.

Printable Letter G Sound Worksheets

The letter g sound worksheets can be downloaded free below. 

The pdf includes an answer page to make things easy for parents and teachers.

After G is H, you can grab your letter H sound worksheets here.