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Calendar Worksheet for March 2022

Here’s a kids calendar worksheet for March 2022. There’s a page for 1st graders and another page for 2nd graders. The math worksheets are free to download and print.

Calendar worksheets are a great way to help teach kids calendar skills.

The spring themed worksheet for the month of March has 18 calendar questions for kids to answer. Each of the questions are written in an image of a tulip.

A one page free printable calendar worksheet for 1st and 2nd grade for the month of March 2022. There's 18 images of tulips each containing a calendar question. Kids can color the tulips as they answer the questions.

Daily Calendar Worksheet

The worksheet is meant to be worked on for a couple minutes each school day, throughout the month of March. It’s an activity that will give kids practice reading a calendar.

Each day, kids can find the current day on the calendar and draw an X in the box of that day.

Then they can answer one calendar question. Two of the questions involve writing, and one involves coloring. But the other questions can be answered orally to their teacher or homeschooling parent.

After successfully answering a calendar question, kids can color the tulip that the question was in.

The worksheet is complete when all 18 tulips have been colored.

Printable Calendar Worksheets for Kids

You can download the 2 page pdf of the March calendar worksheets below.

The first page has grade 1 questions, and the second page has grade 2 questions.