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Calendar Worksheet for February 2022

Here are free printable calendar worksheets for the month of February 2022.

The pdf is 2 pages. The first page is for grade 1 students, and the second page for grade 2.

Heart Theme

The theme for February is hearts. Each page has 20 calendar questions for kids to answer.

Ideally, the worksheet is to be worked on throughout the month of February. Taking only a few short minutes each day, kids will:

  • find the current day on the calendar and draw an X through it
  • answer one heart calendar question per day
  • color the hearts as they complete them

Grade 2 Calendar Questions

The 2nd grade version has:

  • 6 leap year questions
  • 8 what is the date questions (lots of practice learning to read the calendar)
  • 2 months of the year questions
  • 1 day of the week question
  • 1 how many days until question
  • 1 question asking kids to write the current date in full
  • 1 question asking them to mark on the calendar any activities or events that they have planned. If you have stickers, this could be a fun sticker activity for kids, as they can choose a sticker for each of their activities and place it on the calendar in the correct days. If you don’t have stickers, perhaps drawing a little heart in each of the calendar boxes that they have something planned.

Download & Print Calendar Worksheets for February

The pdf can be downloaded for free below.

Here’s the link if you want the calendar worksheets for March 2021.

Free printable calendar worksheet for 1st & 2nd grade students. The worksheet can be used in any month in 2021. The worksheet has a balloon theme, and kids can color each balloon as they answer the calendar questions. Kids will get lots of practice learning to read the calendar. Includes questions about the current date, the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, etc. Pdf is free to download & print.
2021 Calendar Worksheets
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