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Heart Themed Addition Worksheets

Grab a copy of these free printable heart themed addition worksheets. They are perfect for 1st or 2nd grade students.

The 3 page math worksheets pdf includes:

  • a ten frame addition worksheet
  • a fun number bonds of 14 worksheet with a secret message
  • a color by number addition worksheet

The heart themed number bonds worksheets will have kids practicing number bonds from 12 to 19, with a strong focus on the number pairs of 13 to 16.

Ten Frame Addition Worksheet

First, a printable to work on addition with ten frames.

Ten frames are an excellent tool to help children develop their number sense and begin to see relationships between numbers.  

Being able to convert addition questions in our mind, to adding by creating 10’s, is an important addition strategy that will help children make more complex mental calculations in the future.

The addition worksheet has sums from 12 to 17.

Free printable math worksheet: Adding with ten frames. The child can color the hearts in the 10 frames to solve. Number bonds of 12 to 17. #freeprintables #math #tenframes

Number Bonds of 14 Worksheet

Students can then practice the number bonds of 14 with this heart themed printable.  

Free printable heart themed math worksheet to work on number bonds to 14. There are 12 smaller hearts in the shape of a bigger heart.  In each heart, on one side, there's a number.  Kids need to write the number pair of 14 on the other side of each heart.  At the top are lines for kids to write letters of a mystery message with numbers underneath each line.  Each heart has a letter inside.  So when kids write a number bond in the heart, they need to write the letter from that heart on the lines above.  It will reveal a love themed mystery message.

Each heart needs to total 14. One addend is given, and kids need to calculate the missing addend. Kids will be practicing both addition and subtraction.

After completing the missing number pairs, students can use their answers to decode a love themed mystery message.

It’s a famous quote from William Shakespeare: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

Number Bonds of 13, 14, 15 & 16

And finally, kids can practice all the number bonds of 13, 14, 15, and 16 with this coloring activity.  Kids will color the hearts different colors depending on its sum.

I know my daughter appreciates coloring worksheets as she’s not a huge fan of large amounts of writing.

Free printable heart themed math worksheet to practice the number bonds of 13 to 16. A coloring only worksheet. #freeprintables #coloringpages #math #numberbonds #hearts

Printable Number Bonds Worksheets

You can download these free heart themed math worksheets here:

Or here. It’s a 3 page pdf.

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