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Calendar Worksheet for June 2021

Here’s a free printable June 2021 calendar worksheet for 1st and 2nd grade students. There’s a different page for each of these early elementary grades. 

The free downloadable pdf also includes a blank printable calendar for the month of June 2021. 

Calendar worksheets are a great tool when teaching calendar skills to kids. This month the calendar worksheets have a strawberry theme.

Even tho the image shows 2022, the downloadable worksheet IS the 2021 version.

June Calendar Activities for Kids

The calendar worksheet is meant to be used multiple times throughout the month of June. 

There are 18 calendar questions on each worksheet.

Each day the child works on their worksheet they can:

  1. find the date on the calendar and draw an X in the box
  2. answer one calendar question 
  3. color the strawberry of the calendar question they’ve successfully answered

June 2021 Calendar

There is a full page printable calendar for the month of June 2021 included in the pdf. This is optional for those that would find it helpful.

Printable June Calendar Worksheets

The math calendar worksheets for June 2021 are free to download below. The 3 page pdf contains:

  • a worksheet for grade 1 students with 1st grade calendar questions (page 1)
  • a worksheet for grade 2 students with 2nd grade calendar questions (page 2)
  • a June 2021 printable calendar (page 3)

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