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Number Bonds to 12 Free Math Worksheets

Here are 5 pages of free printable number bonds worksheets to help kids learn the number bonds to 12.

There are some number 12 worksheets that are perfect for kindergarten children learning about the number 12.

There’s also some more advanced number bonds worksheets for 1st or 2nd grade students. These math printables will have kids adding and subtracting, and learning about the fact families and numbers that add up to 12.

Number 12 Worksheets

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. The number 12. Learning number bonds, place value, writing numbers in words, column addition, and more.

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Free math printables for Kindergarten or Grade 1. A number study of 12, number bonds, before and after, ten frames, odd or even, and writing twelve in words.

Fact Families for 12

9+3=12 Worksheet

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Number study of 12. Learning number bonds, column addition, fact families, and addition with ten frames.

8+4=12 Worksheet

Free math printables for Kindergarten or Grade 1. Learning number bonds of 12, fact families, ten frames, a dozen, and regrouping by ten.

Number Bonds to 12 Worksheet

This math worksheet will have kids practice all the number bonds of 12.

Free math worksheets for Kindergarten or Grade 1. Number bonds of 12.

How We Use These Number 12 Worksheets

My daughter still enjoys them and I hope your children are as well.  I usually print off one page a day for my daughter to do.  One page she does very happily and even tho she might ask for another, I stop her there.  Usually, after a page, her attention span starts to dwindle and she starts to play around with string, pencils, whatever might be within arms reach.  So I keep things moving, one page and we’re on to something new.

Printable Number 12 Worksheets

The number bonds of 12 worksheets can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes 5 pages of number bonds of 12 worksheets.

The last page includes a copy of the letters for 11 – 20 needed for the cut and paste activity on the first page.

Join us next week for more free math printables when we study the number thirteen.

marion holden

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

Hi I love your sheets but cannot seem to download them!

Melanie Thomas

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

Hi Marion :) To download, the printables you first need to enter your email address and first name in the orange box that says "Get your freebie here". Then click on the button "Join Our Growing Community". The .pdf will instantly open. On the top right of the document you will see 4 icons, one of them is to print the document, and another one of them to download it.

Occasionally it does happen that the file won't open for someone. Usually that's because they are trying to open it from a company or a school and the administrator for the company has disabled the ability to receive items from outside their domain. If this is the case, try opening it from your home or personal computer.

Let me know if it still won't open for you.