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Ocean Animals Color By Number

Here are some cute ocean animals color by number coloring pages for young learners.

It’s a quick and easy, no prep summer activity for kids to work on some early math skills. All you need is a few crayons and one of these free printable coloring pages.

There are 8 free sea animals color by number printable sheets to choose from. There are cute pictures of a:

  1. hermit crab
  2. sea star (otherwise known as a star fish)
  3. seahorse
  4. crab
  5. fish
  6. shrimp
  7. seashell
  8. orca
Ocean Animals Color by Number 1-5.  There's free printable coloring pages of a seahorse, crab, fish, shrimp, hermit crab, orca, sea star (starfish), and a seashell.

Skill Level

These are easy color by number coloring pages for preschool.

They are a fun way for preschoolers, pre k and kindergarteners to practice color and number recognition of the numbers 1 to 5.

Color by Number 1-3

The youngest learners might enjoy the pictures of an orca and seashell. They are an easy way to work on the numbers 1-3.

Two printable ocean themed color by number coloring pages. There's a simple orca and a seashell coloring page. Kids will practice the numbers 1 to 3 and use the colors pink, blue, black, and sand.

Color by Number 1-4

There are 4 sea life color by number 1-4 coloring pages for children to choose from.

Printable simple ocean color by number coloring pages of a hermit crab, crab, sea star (starfish), and shrimp. The sea animal color by numbers will have kids practicing identifying the numbers 1 to 4 and the colors blue, red, orange, and sand.

Color by Number 1-5

And the sea horse and the fish are the preschool easy color by number 1-5 coloring pages.

A seahorse and a fish color by number coloring pages. Children will practice recognizing the numbers 1 to 5 and the colors light blue, dark blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and sand.

How To Download These Color By Number Printables

The ocean color by number worksheets are free to download and print.

To access them you need to enter your email address in the box below. Entering your email address means you consent to allowing me to occasionally share with you other free printables you might appreciate. You are free to unsubscribe at anytime.

As soon as you press the join button the pdf will open in google drive. Then in the top right corner you will have the option to download and / or print.

The pdf is 9 pages and includes:

  • 8 sea animals color by number pages
  • an answer page that shows what the pictures will look like when fully coloured

More Easy Color by Number Pages 1-5

Looking for some more preschool easy color by number coloring pages? Try these arctic animals or spring color by number sheets.

More Ocean Coloring Pages

Kindergarten and children of all ages will probably enjoy these sea animal coloring pages and crafts.

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