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Learning The Times Tables – Times Alive Review

Most every child at some point is asked to learn their multiplication facts.  I had not yet begun multiplication with my 6 year old so when I was given a subscription to Times Alive in exchange for my honest review, I gladly accepted. Times Alive from Times Tables the Fun Way is a monthly subscription to 18 online lessons with animated songs …

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Addition Strategies For Kids

Learning addition strategies helps kids learn to add the faster more efficient way.  I created 31 pages of addition strategies worksheets to help kids learn these very useful skills.   Why I Created These Addition Strategies Worksheets The short answer is I saw a need. I had spent quite some time with my daughter mastering addition.  She’s …

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Mental Math – Learning To Be A Human Calculator

I honestly don’t know how I stumbled across this type of mental math.  Then I watched YouTube video’s of kids calculating in their head faster than you could find the answer using a calculator and I was intrigued. It’s basically using an abacus to do calculations and then gradually learning to visualize the abacus in …

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Grade 1 Math Mammoth Review

Last year my preschool aged daughter completed her Grade 1 homeschooling year.  Our chosen curriculum for math was Math Mammoth and IXL.  Now that she’s moving on to the 2nd grade, I can look back at the previous year and analyze what worked and didn’t work.  Here’s my IXL and grade 1 Math Mammoth review. IXL IXL was great. …

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