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Printable Shark Crafts

Grab a copy of these free printable shark crafts and coloring pages for kids.

The paper craft is a fun shark activity for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary students.

It’s an easy no-prep arts and crafts activity to have handy when you need something to keep the kids occupied. Or as a fun coloring activity for Shark Week. 

Children can enjoy coloring, and then they get to build a shark by cutting and assembling their sea creature.

There are 4 different shark craft templates for kids to choose. There’s a:

  1. great white shark
  2. whale shark
  3. blue shark
  4. hammerhead shark

For each shark, there are 2 versions of the shark pattern to choose from:

  1. a coloring page cut and paste craft
  2. a cut and paste craft with no coloring
Shark cut and paste crafts for kids. There are 4 printable shark crafts: a great white shark, a whale shark, a hammerhead shark, and a blue shark. There are 2 versions of each printable, one kids can color, and one that's already colored.


These are the supplies needed to do one of the paper shark crafts:

  • a printout of any of the shark crafts on a sheet of letter-sized printing paper
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • a sheet of 8 1/2″ X 11″ blue construction paper, cardstock, or a blank sheet of paper

And for kids that wish to do one of the coloring pages, they will also need:

  • crayons, pencil crayons, or markers


Have your child choose which printable shark craft they would like to do. Each craft has 3 or 4 simple steps:

Note: If your child is doing the printable craft that’s already colored, skip step #1.

Step 1

Color the 4 or 5 different body parts of the shark. 

Kids can look at the small colored image on the top right of each page to help them identify which part of the shark they are coloring.  

You might decide to google an image of the shark your child wants to color, so they can see what their shark looks like in real life. It will help them decide what colors to choose.

Step 2

Cut out each individual piece of the shark’s body on the dashed lines.

Step 3

Now they get to build the shark. Assemble the ocean animal by moving each piece into its correct place. The colored image of the shark can serve as a reference.

Step 4

Glue the pieces into place on a chosen background.

Kids can draw an underwater background to glue their aquatic animal onto. Or, they could paste the shark together on a (blue) sheet of cardstock or construction paper. 

Download & Print Shark Crafts

The printable shark crafts are free to download and print. You can grab them below, and the PDF will be sent to your email.

The 8-page PDF has 4 different shark crafts with 2 versions of each page: a coloring activity craft and an already colored craft.

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