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Summer Bookmarks

Make reading more fun for kids with these cute summer bookmarks to print and color.

There’s no better time than the long, sunny days of summer for kids to immerse themselves in the magical world of books. To make their reading journey even more enjoyable, we’ve created a variety of vibrant and whimsical bookmarks that capture the essence of summer.

There are 12 awesome summer bookmarks for kids to choose from. It’s completely free.

3 printable summer coloring pages with 4 cute bookmarks to color on each page.

Summer Reading Bookmarks to Color

The free printable bookmarks have a variety of summer things to color. Everything from ice cream cones, flip flops, beach balls, watermelon, pineapple, cold drinks, starfish, palm trees, and more.

Each bookmark has a different design and text. The bookmarks will have quotes like:

  1. Summer Vibes
  2. Its Summertime
  3. Relax and Enjoy
  4. It’s Summer
  5. Summertime
  6. Summer Party
  7. Cool Summer
  8. Hello Summer X 5

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies needed for this bookmark coloring activity:

  1. 1 or 2 pages of white cardstock or white paper
  2. your choice of coloring supplies like markers, pencil crayons, or crayons
  3. a pair of scissors

And optionally, only for those that want to add ribbon or string, or wish to laminate the finished bookmarks, you may need:

  1. hole punch (optional)
  2. string or ribbon (optional)
  3. a laminator and laminating sheet (optional)

How to Make These Summer Bookmarks

  1. Download the pdf.
  2. Print on cardstock or paper. 
  3. Color.
  4. Use scissors to cut out the bookmarks.
  5. Embellish if desired. Some may wish to use a hole punch to make a hole near the top of the bookmark and add their choice of ribbon or string. Others may also wish to laminate the finished bookmarks.

Printable Summer Bookmarks

The free printable summer bookmarks can be downloaded below.

The PDF is 3 pages and has 4 black-and-white bookmarks to color on each page. You can choose to print just one page or all three.

Each page has 4 bookmarks.

More Bookmarks to Color

Here are some more fun printable bookmarks for kids to color: