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Melanie Thomas

Calendar Worksheet for July 2022

Here’s a free printable July 2022 calendar worksheet for grades 1 and 2. There’s a page for each of these early elementary grades.  Calendar worksheets are a great tool when teaching calendar skills to kids. This month the calendar worksheets have a travel or vacation theme. July Calendar Activities The calendar worksheet is meant to be used multiple times throughout …

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Kindergarten Camping Word Search

Grab a free printable kindergarten camping word search to take on your family’s next camping trip. The printable word search is fun (and educational) for preschool or kindergarten. Choose to print in color or a black and white version. Difficulty Level This is a beginner level word search ideal for young children who are new …

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A Big List of Summer Words from A to Z

Here is a list of summer words in alphabetical order: A air conditioner amusement park August B baseball barbecue bare feet bathing suit beach beach ball bees berries biking bikini blistering blossoms blue skies boating bonfires books breezy butterflies C cabin camp camping canoeing chipmunks cookout cooler cottage crickets cycling D daisies dandelions daylight diving …

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