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Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Looking for homeschool spelling curriculum?  I am currently creating a variety of spelling activities for elementary aged children to make learning to spell a more enjoyable experience.  I will post them below as I create them.

Spelling Words

Grade 1 Spelling Words

Grade 2 Spelling Words

Grade 3 Spelling Words

Grade 4 Spelling Words

Grade 5 Spelling Words

Grade 6 Spelling Words

The grade 1 words are largely based on word families.  Words are divided into 32 weekly lists.

The spelling words for grades 2 thru 6 are themed lists.  Each week there’s a theme with spelling words following the theme.  There are 36 weekly themes each year.

This adds some fun into spelling.  It also helps make learning the vocabulary and spellings easier as words are not just random words on a list, but begin to have meaning as the words are all connected by a theme.

Themed Spelling


Apple Themed Spelling Words

Apple Themed Spelling Activities For Grade 1

Apple Themed Spelling Activities for Grade 3

Back To School

2nd Grade Back to School Words

Back to School Word Search Puzzles – ideal for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades

Back to School Crossword Puzzles – created with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades in mind

Back to School Word Unscrambles – once completed students will discover a mystery message that is the answer to a back to school joke(s).


Bread Spelling Words


Colors Spelling List


Disney Themed Spelling Words

Earth Day

Earth Day Vocabulary Learning Games And Activities


Family Words


Farm Spelling Words

Farm Vocabulary Spelling Activity

Human Body

Body Parts Spelling List

Phonics Based

Long A Sound Spelling Words

Long E Sound Spelling Words

Long I Sound Spelling Words

Long O Sound Spelling Words

Long U Sound Spelling Words

R Controlled Vowels Spelling Words


Summer Spelling Words

Summer Crossword Puzzles – created for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th graders

Summer Word Search Puzzles

Spelling Activities Based On Children’s Books

The Day The Crayons Quit Educational Book Activity – helps kids learn to spell colors

Spelling In French

Learning to Spell Colors in French

Grade 3 French Spelling Words

How We Do 3rd Grade Spelling in French

Spelling Curriculum

Homeschool spelling curriculum for each elementary grade coming soon.

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